Origin of Company

Company was established in 1946 during Japan’s Economic depression following the Pacific War, we hoped everyone could get sweet confections.
We named our company after the hippopotamus with the hippo’s big mouth as it eats for symbol of peace.

The definition of creation is “Dream”.
Based on that theme, we decided to create the logo “KABAYA” with a rainbow.

History of Kabaya Foods Corporation

“Kabaya library” Promotion of books.
“Kabaya caramels” in the red color box comes with “points”.
Collect 50 points to win a world famous gift book.

Advertised by using a hippo shaped car all around Japan.

Soda Candy ”Juicy” began production.

Joined with French “Majorette company”.
Began production of gum with toy “Gum with mini car”.

Kantou factory was established in Ibaraki prefecture for producing chocolate item.

Introduced Cooperate identity(CI).

Chocolate snack “Saku Saku panda” began production.

Okayama factory and Kantou factory acquired ISO14001 certification.

Established “Kabaya library” for observing the factory in Okayama’s head office.

Gummy “Pureral Gummy” began production

Okayama factory and Kantou factory acquired ISO-9001 certification.

Reproduce “Hippo Car” for 60th anniversary.

Produce new “Hippo Car” for 65th anniversary.
Named reproduced hippo cars “Mr.Cookie ” and “Miss Choco”.

Second Kantou factory was newly established.
Began to accept observing factory at second Kantou office.

Advertisements and Promotions

1952-1954 “Kabaya Library”gift book promotion
1952-1959 “Hippo Car” advertisement promotion
1953-1955 Advertising car with real hippo on it

Wegifted books to children after they collected points for the promotion of Kabaya caramels in red color box.
At that time, we didn’t have many books around, so the Kabaya library became very popular.
We also advertised caramels with over 15 hippo cars all around Japan. The hippo cars played an active role until 1959. Afterwards, in 2006 for our 60thanniversary, we reproduced the hippo cars and in 2011 reproduced 2 more hippo cars named “Mr.Cookie” and “Miss Choco”.
Those hippo cars still play an active role for our company’s P.R. activity.


In 1952 (Japanese year : Shouwa 28) One hippo came from Germany to Japan during our developing economy period after the Pacific War.

One year old female hippo named “Kabako”, she was taken all around Japan advertising caramel items. At that time, hippos were very rare so everyone loved her.

She became popular and created a strong impression for Japanese people. “Kabako” changed her name to “Deka”.

She was moved to the Ishikawa Zoo (Tatsukuchi town, Ishikawa Pref.) in her later years as the oldest loved hippo in Japan. August 5th 2010, She passed away at 58 years old (over 100 years old inhuman years).